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Monday, February 18, 2019


The new GM MDI can be used only in the Pass-Thru method. This means you can use it as your programming tool, while your Tech 2/CANdi remains available for diagnostics and other duties.

The GM MDI is initially being introduced with Pass-Thru programming capabilities only. It can be used to perform Pass-Thru programming on all vehicles built since 1996 and will support all vehicles into the future.

The GM MDI will be required to perform diagnostics on selected NAO vehicles for model year 2009. Diagnostic software is scheduled to be released for the GM MDI during the fourth quarter of 2008.

Regulations require programming procedures to be compliant with SAE Recommended Practice J2534. The GM SPS is compliant with SAE Recommended Practice J2534, and the GM MDI is compliant with the portions of SAE J2534 that are applicable for GM vehicles.

What protocols does the GM MDI support?

For immediate use — At present, vehicles have two buses on the 16 pin connector
(high speed and low speed GMLAN). The GM MDI communicates using all of the existing GM protocols, the same as the Tech 2:
– Class 2
– KWP2000
Beginning with the 2008 model year vehicles, Pass-Thru will be the only programming method available. (Remote will continue to be available for previous vehicles.)

How to solve when it doesn’t connect the MDI?
gm-mdi-scan-tool-not-connect-3 gm-mdi-scan-tool-not-connect-2

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Chrysler witech 2 pod Online programming

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Friday, February 08, 2019
How to use PIWIS Tester II Diagnose Cayenne Demo

In this article we show you how to use Porsche Piwis Tester II work with Cayenne engine module, and read the live data, delete fault codes etc, for more details please visit: www.obd2tool.com

PIWIS-Tester-II-Diagnose-Cayenne-Demo-1PIWIS-Tester-II-Diagnose-Cayenne-Demo-2 PIWIS-Tester-II-Diagnose-Cayenne-Demo-3

PIWIS-Tester-II-Diagnose-Cayenne-Demo-4PIWIS-Tester-II-Diagnose-Cayenne-Demo-5 PIWIS-Tester-II-Diagnose-Cayenne-Demo-6PIWIS-Tester-II-Diagnose-Cayenne-Demo-7PIWIS-Tester-II-Diagnose-Cayenne-Demo-8

PIWIS-Tester-II-Diagnose-Cayenne-Demo-9 PIWIS-Tester-II-Diagnose-Cayenne-Demo-10PIWIS-Tester-II-Diagnose-Cayenne-Demo-11PIWIS-Tester-II-Diagnose-Cayenne-Demo-12PIWIS-Tester-II-Diagnose-Cayenne-Demo-13

PIWIS-Tester-II-Diagnose-Cayenne-Demo-14PIWIS-Tester-II-Diagnose-Cayenne-Demo-15PIWIS-Tester-II-Diagnose-Cayenne-Demo-16PIWIS-Tester-II-Diagnose-Cayenne-Demo-17 PIWIS-Tester-II-Diagnose-Cayenne-Demo-18

PIWIS-Tester-II-Diagnose-Cayenne-Demo-14PIWIS-Tester-II-Diagnose-Cayenne-Demo-15PIWIS-Tester-II-Diagnose-Cayenne-Demo-16PIWIS-Tester-II-Diagnose-Cayenne-Demo-17 PIWIS-Tester-II-Diagnose-Cayenne-Demo-18

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Monday, February 04, 2019
What can JMD Handy Baby II key copy machine do?

JMD Handy Baby II key copy machine English version is finally finished test and released in 2019 year. What can this tool do?

Functions of Handy Baby II
1. 1RD & CP: Identification chip /Edit Chip data / Deco chip / Copy chip
2. Chip-fun: Generate chip/Chip simulate/Chip transfer
3. Det-manu: Frequency test/ Data test/ signal detect
4. Remote: Remote renew/FIX CODE clone/Fixed code/JMD remote renew (JMD remote by JMD APP)
5.card-cp: Copy ID/IC card
6.Assistant: Copy Audi/VW 4th / Audi 5th/Audi ID8E/Assistant online(All key lost)/Assistant information
7. More-fun: Functional introduction/Simulate as transponder/ECO Mode
8.96bits-dec: Deco 96bits 48 and copy
9. Setup: Bluetooth/Voice/Volume/Brightness/version/
Function list/APP QR code
handy-baby-ii-key-programmer-functions-2   -0

Let’s see how these functions works:
Put one Toyota Lexus Chip into the slot, choose “RD & CP” to read and write.
As you can see you get the Chip type and ID, it displays “Ok to copy”.
JMD Handy Baby can read almost all chip type except Mercedes Benz Infrared and partial 13 Motorcycle chip.

Back to choose “Chip-fun” and have options:
Generate: generate different type
Simulate: Simulate as transponder.
Chip Transfer for ID4D63/83 vehicle.

Enter “Det-Menu” and have options:
Frequency test: Remote frequency detect.
Data test: RM data stream detect.
Signal detect: Detect data st from car.

Enter “Assistant” and have options:

Audi /VW 4th Read (Copy all lost)

Audi 5th (Read / Copy)

Audi ID8E Read (Copy)

Online: Online calculation

Information (JMD assistant)


Enter ” Card -CP” and have options:

IC: Put the card on the back.

ID: Put the key into the coil

IC card
ID card.

Enter ” Remote” and have options:

Remote Renew: Remote /SM-key renew.

Fixed code clone: Remote / garage remote

Fixed code: Modify data

Remote: Clone fail and generate again.

JMD remote renew: renew JMD remote


Enter ” More functions” and have options:

Manual tips: Functional introduction

Assistant II: Bluetooth OBD function

Toyota Smart key: Simulate as transponder

ECO mode: Power saving mode.


Enter ” Manual tips” and have some course & skills.

Such as: 96bits, Keyclone, BYD Smartkey, Chip transfer, VW-Online

Enter “96bits-Dec”:

The function is not active, please connect PC or APP to active 96bit ID48.

Enter “Setup” and have options:






Functional list

APP QR code


Enter “Auth Information” and have options:

72G: Unregistered

ID48: Unregistered

96bit 48: Unregistered

What is the difference between Handy baby I and Handy Baby II?

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019
How to solve Lonsdor K518ISE “scm file lost” Update Error





Hold two buttons marked red above at the same time.



Delete current APK V2.1


After uninstall Lonsdor K518 APK successfully, click the arrow in the middle of the screen.

There is a new version APK v2.26 available to update

Kernel mirror image version under V2.26 needs to follow this step. Press Update Online on the bottom left.


Install the package after downloading. It might take a long tome, please be patient. After installation, there are “WIFI Setting” and “Update”, just click “Update”. if you failed to update, change a network or change the domain name according to the file of “WIFI Setting”.


Select repair function

If the device shows interface below, continue to follow next step.


The operation will erase old APK data and reinstall APK.


Select Reset to factory setting


Install APK success




Enter 6-digit password



It will work as usual.

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Sunday, December 03, 2017
Introduce Mb Star C4 diagnostic tool for you personally reference

At this time, I'd introduce Mb Star C4 diagnostic tool for you personally reference. It really is the specialist Mercedes Benz diagnostic tool, and recognized the perfect MB star diagnostic tool, this type of MB star compact four will be the newest lately Mercedes Benz diagnostic tool, support the car or truck year right after 2000. In reality, the MB star c4 is definitely the updated on Mb Star C3. MB star c4 is a lot more compatible than MB star c3. It's cover the all function of c3.

Auto key Programmer Mb Star Compact C4 At my life, employ a professional qualified an expert pc technician colleague typically requires a plethora of effortless for my circumstance, each time my auto appeared to be created around the insignificant concern, your dog at all times can help absolutely everyone to get rid of them promptly. MB Star C4 is my opinion genuinely thrilled to receive a genuine really terrific take. On a fortunately for us temperament, I'd truly prefer to jot down all sorts of points about his show.

All of these functioning CnAutotool express a fabulous present program supplied. commonly called MB SD Join Compressed possess a look at MB Star C4 Acte process. Mb Star Compact C4 is definitely the professional diagnostic gear for Mer-Bz cars manufactured, it is the replacement of HHT. IBM Compact 4 operates depending on the Windows XP method.

New Mb Star Compact C4 function:
1. New MB SD Connect Compact four Star Diagnosis help wireless diagnose;
2. New MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis not only support K line diagnose and can BUS,but also UDS diagnose protocol. Mainly because old MB STAR C4 main board usually do not have UDS chip, so old MB STAR C4 on www.cnautotool.com can not help it;
3. Multiplexer now use Lan cable to connect, can match all computer systems not just IBM T30;
4. Connector adopt Military quick swap technologies, it could assistance 10,000 times pull plug, a great deal more stable;
5. All core accosseries adopt original new packing chip, and 24hours test, assure the excellent with the goods;
6. Help multi-language, including English, German,French,Italian, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and so on.

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Saturday, December 02, 2017
How to solve mb sd connect compact C4 star diagnosis locked dilemma

Mb Star Connect C4 with wifi diagnose function. Auto key Programmer SD Connect C4 multiplexers with serial number is 101923 or 101044. some customer feedback, when config Benz SD Connect C4 multiplexers, can not acquire the hardware, cannot show the IP and WLanMac.. probably, you update the SD Connect firmware by youself, SD Connect multiplexers is locked. Please don't be concerned, Under OBD2Tuning sharing How to solve MB SD Connect C4 on www.cnautotool.com multiplexers diagnose locked concern.
MB star c4 for Mercedes mb sd connect compact four star diagnosis
Right here autonumen share some remedy and suggestion for locked SD Connect multiplexers for Mercedes Benz.

Explanation 1:
If you update the firmware of SD Connect multiplexer by youself, the Benz SD connect multiplexer are going to be locked,
Reason 2:
you haven't config the LAN & Wireless Connection setting of Benz mb star c4 diagnostic tool multiplexer
Reason 3:
you replace the Wireless Card insideBenz mb star c4
you can try press "i" and "v" together during boot you should get PM PIC firmware version or send email to:Service@autonumen.com ., autonumen will show the solution of locked SD Connect multiplexers for Mercedes Benz.

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Thursday, November 30, 2017
How you can solve mb sd connect compact C4 star diagnosis locked situation

Mb Star Connect C4 with wifi diagnose function. SD Connect C4 multiplexers with serial quantity is 101923 or 101044. some buyer feedback, when config Auto Repair Software Benz SD Connect C4 multiplexers, cannot unearth the hardware, can't show the IP and WLanMac.. perhaps, you update the SD Connect firmware by youself, SD Connect multiplexers is locked. Please do not be concerned, Below OBD2Tuning sharing Easy methods to resolve MB SD Connect C4 multiplexers diagnose locked issue.

MB star c4 on CnAutotool.com for Mercedes mb sd connect compact four star diagnosis
Right here autonumen share some answer and suggestion for locked SD Connect multiplexers for Mercedes Benz.

Purpose 1:
If you happen to update the firmware of SD Connect multiplexer by youself, the Benz SD connect multiplexer shall be locked,
Purpose 2:
you haven't config the LAN & Wireless Connection setting of Benz mb star c4 diagnostic tool multiplexer
Reason 3:
you replace the Wireless Card insideBenz mb star c4
you can try press "i" and "v" together during boot you should get PM PIC firmware version or send email to:Service@autonumen.com ., autonumen will show the answer of locked SD Connect multiplexers for Mercedes Benz.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017
CAT ET Adapter iii caterpillar communication adapter three Technical Inquiries

Caterpillar ET3 Adapter III is pc-based heavy duty diagnostic tool for caterpillar engines. Nowadays, caterpillar communication adapter three comes with Auto Repair Software CAT ET 3 2015A software program. VOBDII.COM also has the CAT SIS 2016 software hdd offered.

In case you wanna know even more about cat caterpillar et adapter three, please you'll be able to read some technical inquiries that other people met. Now, we'll get the summary of cat caterpillar et diagnostic adapter faqs. Hope that can enable you to.

CAT ET III Adapter on www.cnautotool.com FAQs:

1. Q: hello friends could allow ET 2014A, I am looking to use nexiq, so I get error Plz enable me

Answer:before any procedure, you must set up the driver nexiq, under the ET2014, and the preferences window and locate the connection utility, under use the mechanism approved RP1210, stick with the solution to click Sophisticated and choose USB link Nexiq, end click OK, and that's it!

2. Q: When open ET I get the message

License Error.

If difficulties persist, get in touch with Assistance Center (E-mail: Support.ADMS@accenture.com) for enable.

Answer:There are lots of mistakes that we can uncover after you set up this patch, typically suggest redo the installation, delete the atmosphere variable, paste one particular by 1 the files, go back to adjust the mac address with a file or procedure we lack provides this error.

3. Q: 2014ET is working very good on Computer.But SIS is want activation,what I desire for run SIS,which version have to have SIS for lisance.dat ??

Answer:Run all as administrator

4. Q: Connected laptop with win XP, 2011B and worked completely! Attempted to reactivate 2014A on win 7 laptop utilizing the patch from edmtech running as administrator and it mentioned the MAC address adjust was productive however it goes back to what it was when I close it and ET says it's not licensed. Any concepts?

Answer:you should modify the mac address for pci express due to the fact with other mac address not perform.

5. Q: Set up Cat ET 2014A at ASUS apply windows 8.1,but Error when Cat Network Activation ID, adapter use Realtek PCIe FE Loved ones controller of Cat network Activation ID

Answer:run as administrator Cat Network id.

When you've got other questions about caterpillar et three adapter, please really feel no cost to contact vobdii.com team, then you definitely will get the ideal offer and service.

The LAUNCH Creader CRP123 Premium Edition is actually a handheld diagnostic tool utilized to detect and report the cause of automobile faults. It boasts state-of-the-art hardware and software making it probably the most correct diagnostic tool in today’s industry. All this as well as its compact design and complete colour screen, the CRP123 Premium is easy to utilize and fully understand although not getting within the least bit cumbersome.

Functions with all autos compliant with EOBD/OBDII (petrol cars from 2001 and diesels from 2004).

The Car Diagnostic Tools CRP123 Premium amalgamates the ideal features of code scanners and expert mid-line scan tools. It opens up a complete world of diagnostics, which is further improved by its enhanced data streams for ABS, SRS, Transmission and Engine; which is out there across a wide selection of tends to make and models.

With all of the operational potential of a conventional ARS/SRS Code Reader the CRP123 Premium boasts an excellent deal way more functionality for instance reside information streams, coverage for Asian, European and American autos and also the capacity to scan transmissions.

Functions of CRP123 Premium contain:

Complete Asian, European and American coverage for ABS, SRS, transmission & engine
● Enhanced data stream for ABS, SRS, transmission & engine
● Auto-vehicle Id, Auto module search and ultra-fast protocol ID
● Reads and clears codes on engine transmission (A/T), ABS and airbag (SRS) systems
Involves all functions of previous CReader models for OBD Generic
● Support for all 10 test modes of OBDII with enhanced OBDII Mode 6
● Retrieves generic and manufacturer specific code - both permanent & pending
● Turn off malfunction indicator lamp (MIL)
● View freeze frame information and I/M Readiness monitor status
● Graph, record and replay data in complete colour
● Enhanced help functions
● Intuitive interface & button operation with sleek, rugged design and style.
● Internet updateable
● Print information via PC


● 4” TFT full colour display
● Language solutions: English, Spanish, French

The CRP123 Premium is really a convenient and handy tool that tends to make collecting and reading diagnostic information simple and most importantly, accessible.

This product comes access to valuable application updates which are released by Launch over the internet.

If the CRP123 Premium from www.cnautotool.com does not meet your requirements take a look at the CReader CRP129, which has all the abilities of your CRP123 Premium and adds, EPB reset, Oil Reset and Steering Angle Reset.

Unlike the vast majority of other sellers who will only offer a 1 year warranty, Launch UK are offering an exclusive two year UK warranty on this unit.

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