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Thursday, August 01, 2019
How to use VAG OBD helper Work with Lonsdor k518ise/k518s to program VAG 4th key

1. How to use Lonsdor K518ISE to program key with the IMMO data?

Step 1. Connect Lonsdor K518ISE and computer using one USB cable, open “My Computer”, click on the portable device “K518”.

Step 2.Click on “Memory Device”.

Step 3.Rick click to open the folder “Customfile”, copy the VAG 4th IMMO data or MQB IMMO data, paste it into this folder.

Step 4.Enter K518 function menu, select “Immobilizer”, then ” 4th IMMO”.

Step 5.Select “4th engineering mode”.

Step 6.Select “Generate dealer key”.

Step 7.Select “Yes” to ensure the immo data(bin file) is put into the customfile folder of k518.


2. How to use VAG OBD Helper Cable to get IMMO Data via OBD-obd2tool.com:

VAG OBD helper can help online read out the VAG 4th IMMO data, so that you can go on using the key programmer ((i.e: VVDI2, AVDI, APPRO, Lonsdor K518 etc) to program key whatever adding new key or when all keys lost.

Incl. NEC24C32, NEC24C64, NEC35XX, Johnson MQB, A4, Q5 BCM

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Wednesday, July 24, 2019
How does CGDI BMW diagnose BMW 3 series E93 successfully

Confirmed: CGDI BMW adds “BMW diagnosis” to be able to program and code BMW E series; able to read/clear trouble codes for BMW E series, F series, G series.

How to update CGDI BMW diagnosis function for free:

As long as you have any of CG100 or CG Pro or CGDI MB, please provide the serial number for free trial.


1.Easy to use. As long as you are qualified with corresponding vehicle maintenance knowledge, CGDI BMW does not have high requirements for the user’s professional skills and English level.

2.Cheap. CGDI BMW is cheaper than BMW ICOM (clone and original).

BMW ICOM clone & original are able to diagnose, program and code BMW E-series models at higher price (clone: about 400eur).

Besides, BMW ICOM has some requirements for the user’s operating skills during installation, therefore some users will choose a hard disk with pre-installed software and be charged.

3.Menu-driven & automatic operation instead of manual operation, which save much time.

How does CGDI BMW diagnose BMW 3 series E93 successfully?

1.Select “BMW diagnosis”.


2.It pops up “Whether to scan vehicle quickly”.

Press “Yes” and CGDI BMW will scan the BMW in 30 seconds.

Press “No” and CGDI BMW will scan the BMW all systems and take about 3 minutes.


3.After selecting “No”.



4.It pops up the BMW information.

Have diagnosis options :

Read fault codes, clear fault codes, Clear all codes, Help, back.

It is menu-driven operation, easy to use.

At the left corner, you will see the working status.

How-does-CGDI-BMW-diagnose-BMW-3-series-E93-6How-does-CGDI-BMW-diagnose-BMW-3-series-E93-7 How-does-CGDI-BMW-diagnose-BMW-3-series-E93-8

5.Back to select “BMW diagnosis”, then “scan vehicle quickly”.

And you will see all trouble codes are cleared, and all are normal.

Don’t you think it is easy to use CGDI BMW Prog for diagnosis?

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019
Honda Accord V6 2007 all keys lost HDS HIM made new keys!

Honda Accord V6 2007 have lost all keys. Possible to use Honda HDS to program new keys?


Yes. You can make new keys to Accord with HDS if you have a decent HIM diagnostic tool.

Here is the test report: HIM HDS working for Accord 2007 all keys lost

Connect Honda HIM interface to your vehicle by OBD.

Run the Honda HDS software and enter “System Selection Menu”

Select “IMMOBI”

Note: Not all system may be available on this vehicle.

Refer to the Service Manual for further information

Keep ignition ON until the tester directs you to turn the ignition off.

Press [Enter] to continue


The tester cannot program keys with T5 stamped on the blade of the key or with the word ILCO on the plastic head.

The keys can only be programmed with the ILCO key duplicator.

Press[Enter] to continue


Determining immobilizer system type. Please wait.


Select “Immobilizer Setup”


For vehicle equipped with keyless Access System, use the actual immobilizer key in the remote to register and diagnose the system


Then you will see there are 5 options as below picture:

Before programming new keys, you would better to check the number of key.

Select “System Check, Number of Keys and Status Log ”à” Number Of Keys”

It show there is 1 key registered

Then Exit the selection and select “Add and Delete Keys”

This function does the necessary registration for registering new keys or deleting registered keys


Select “All Key Lost”


It prompt “Obtain PCM-code(IMMOBILIZER PCM CODE) for In

This vehicle’s VIN will be required to obtain the password”

Look here: methods to get immo pin code:
1.Inquire dealer to get immo pin code via VIN

2.Disassemble immo box or smart box to read out the pin code by programmer

3.Read out immo pin code by auto key programmer

Read out PIN Code from immo/smart box.

The pin code is stored in the chip located in ECU,immo box,smart box or BCM box,it depend on the vehicle models.You need to remove chip from PCB,then use programmer to read out the pin code,the accuracy up to 99%.This method require you have skillful operations:disassembling,welding,reading out pin code.

Read out PIN code by auto key programmer:

Many devices can calculate the pin code by their programmer,you just need to plug the programmer into OBD socket to get pin code,then programming keys.

Try to disassemble chip to read out pin code when you find the device can not support.

In summary, when you get incorrect PIN code by VIN calculating:

1.Check difference between the appearance VIN and immo system VIN.

If you they are different,the immo system VIN is more reliable.

2.Make sure vehicle models is corresponding to the immo system.(many freshman select incorrect models)

3.Immo system have been locked due to much time incorrect pin code enter(wait for hours or next day,try it again!)

Inquire PIN Code by Dealer or Three-part via VIN.

Because the VIN(Vehicle Identify Number) of each car is unique identification. It will cost you $20~100 depend on your vehicle models, the accuracy rate is more than 95%.The advantage is that you do not need to disassemble any parts on the vehicle.After getting the PIN code, you are available to program keys directly.

Personally, if the problem can be solved by paying a little,you would better to, it will save you much time.

But sometimes, your customers unwilling to spend extra money or you got the incorrect PIN code by VIN, so you need to try other methods.


Enter PCM-Code


After input the PCM code, it prompt you to enter the key number you want to register.

Here enter “1”

Then follow the Honda HDS guides:

Turn the ignition switch off


Then turn the ignition switch on


Turn the ignition switch off within 16 seconds


Turn the ignition switch to on within 20 seconds, without changing the key


Turn the ignition switch off

Then turn the ignition switch on

It prompt that “Is the immobilizer indicator light turned off?”

Click “Yes” to continue

Turn the ignition switch off

Turn the ignition switch on

Turn the ignition switch off

Turn the ignition switch on again

The registration of keys has been completed.

Turn the ignition switch off


Check All Keys to ensure each will start the engine



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Saturday, June 29, 2019
How to install WIS 102015 for SD Connect C4

This is the instruction on how to install Workshop Information System V2015.10 for 2015.09 mercedes star diagnostic mb sd connect c4 multiplexer. Free download MB WIS ASRA 10/2015 FULL Torrent: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bwotrms6vi7o3vg/WIS_1015.zip?dl=0 Version: Language: Multilingual Crack: None Description: Mercedes-Benz WIS / ASRA Information Base repair of cars and trucks, Mercedes-Benz buses for the European and American markets. Extras. Info.: This is a full release, suitable for installation “from scratch.” WIS installation instruction: Install Admin Tool Select start 2015-WIS-installation-1   (1) Internet Explorer prompt: select Yes. Select Start registration. 2015-WIS-installation-2 Select Run at the bottom prompt. Select Run at the bottom prompt. Installing … Select a language and click OK. Click Next. Click Next. Installing EWA… 2015-WIS-installation-3 Click Next. Finished installing EWA Admin Tool, and click Finish. Check WIS Startkey Select Startkey and copy NAC address to ID in HP-EVA Keygen interface. 2015-WIS-installation-4 Set the Expiration dates. Copy EPCnet to its Startkey, and WISnet to its Startkey. 2015-WIS-installation-5 Close HP-EVA Keygen interface. Click Save in EWA Admin Tool. Startkey successfully saved. Click Exit. Install WIS database Select WIS and click Install WIS database. 2015-WIS-installation-6 Prompt: WIS installation 1 check WIS Startkey 2 check WIS information medium 3 copy all WIS files to hard disk 4 install new EWA software version (optional) 5 test new WIS database 6 install new WIS database 7 carry out correction of work steps 8 set up latest WIS documents 2015-WIS-installation-7 Installing WIS database… Click Continue. Click Continue. Click Confirm. Click Continue. Click Continue. Click Continue. WIS database installation completes. Click Exit. Select Yes to exit Admin Tool. Set up EWA Select Favorites>>EWA net>>EWA net. 2015-WIS-installation-8 Enter User and Password (admin, admin) to Log in. Change password and click OK. Select Workshop. Workshop: 123 Country: U.S.A.(705) Click Save. 2015-WIS-installation-9 Select Group>>Administrator group. 2015-WIS-installation-10 Select EPC access authorization: As workshop access authorization Select WIS/ASRA access authorization: As workshop access authorization Click Save. 2015-WIS-installation-11 Click OK. Run EWA Again, select Favorites>>EWA net>>EWA net. Log in with new password. Click WIS/ASRA. 2015-WIS-installation-12 Close the interface of “ WIS/ASRA-what’s new…” 2015-WIS-installation-13 WIS diagnostic interface… 2015-WIS-installation-14 (note: Mercedes software 2019.07 for MB SD C4 at obd2tool comes with pre-installed WIS, no need to install yourself)

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Sunday, June 23, 2019
Ford EcoSport Smart Key Program Autel vs Obdstar vs XTool

What for Ford EcoSport smart key programming?

AutelOBDSTARXTOOL– which can make it?

Here are the tests:

Autel IM100: Failed!
OBDSTAR X300 PRO3: Success!
OBDSTAR X100 Pro: Success!
XTool X100 Pad 2: Success!

Test 1: Autel Im100 failed to program Ford EcoSport smart key
autel-im100-Ford-EcoSport-Smart-Key-1 autel-im100-Ford-EcoSport-Smart-Key-2

autel-im100-Ford-EcoSport-Smart-Key-3 autel-im100-Ford-EcoSport-Smart-Key-4 autel-im100-Ford-EcoSport-Smart-Key-5 autel-im100-Ford-EcoSport-Smart-Key-6 autel-im100-Ford-EcoSport-Smart-Key-7
Security access failed!
It’s 2014 Ford EcoSport
On a side note, IM100 now is Autel MaxiIM IM508

Test 2: Obdstar X300 Pro3 can make a Ford EcoSport smart key

Get solution with x300.
Raoul Engoule Raoul tested it! It’s 2014 Ford EcoSport

Test 3: Obdstar X100 Pro has no problem with Ford EcoSport smart key program
obdstar-x100pro-Ford-EcoSport-Smart-Key-1 obdstar-x100pro-Ford-EcoSport-Smart-Key-2 obdstar-x100pro-Ford-EcoSport-Smart-Key-3 obdstar-x100pro-Ford-EcoSport-Smart-Key-4

Done! It’s Ford EcoSport all keys lost
Note: you should have a pin code calculator like FMPC001 Ford incode calculator or VPC-100 for security codes.
X100 pro cannot get the code itself.

Test 4: Xtool X100 Pad2 can read security codes & add smart EcoSport keys


Success! X100 Pad2 can read security codes and add smart keys…all done on its own!

For Ford EcoSport smart key program, you’d better have an Obdstar key master X300 pro3 or Xtool pad2.
Both can read PIN and program a smart key.
With Obdstar X100 Pro, you must have another tool for security codes read. Besides, it stopped production.
With Autel IM100 (IM508), you need luck! it’s good for auto diagnostic tests and key programming to some cars.

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Sunday, June 16, 2019
How to change language and update Autel Scanner

1.First of all,  the language of the Android Tablet need to change from Spanish to English.
Double check System setting —- language —-English


2.The language of Diagnostic need to change.
To change the language from Spanish to English.

Step 1: Click at Maxisys.


Step 2: Click at “Settings”.

Step 3: Click at “ Language”


Step 4: Select “ English”


Then you can see that the language is in English now.


After changing language to English and if you found it is blank here(Maxisys—Diagnostic).

Please go to Update and select vehicles software and reload them.



the video of How to change language and update Autel Maxisys



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Thursday, June 06, 2019
CGDI MB Program New Keys for Old Benz W202 W208 W210 by OBD 1997-1998

In this CGDI MB Prog programmer instruction, OBD2TOOL will show you how to use CGDI MB programmer to add new keys for old Mercedes Benz W202 W208 W210 kline 38 pin car from 1997-1998. Procedures: Step 1:Calculate Password Connect CGDI MB Programmer to vehicle and your laptop,then run CGDI MB software. CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-1 Select [EIS] menu,then click [Read EIS Data] CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-2 Go to [Compute Password] menu,then [Copy key with key][–>Collect Data] CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-3 Select key type:Other keys,click [OK] to continue CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-4 CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-5 Please insert the key into EIS and click [OK] to continue CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-6 This is a -Kline EIS,the operation is different from the ordinary EIS,please follow the prompts to operate,to prevent the code! CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-7 Please insert the key into the CGDI MB device and click [OK] to continue CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-8 Wait until it prompt you to insert the key into EIS and click [OK] CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-9 It will ask you to wait several seconds CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-10 Then prompt you to make sure the key to the ON position and light the instrument?If you can’t,please pull out the key and try again,until you can normally twist and light the instrument and then click [OK] CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-11CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-12 Please insert the key into the CGDI MB device and click OK CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-13 CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-14 Now you need to insert the key into ESI again,then click [OK] CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-15 CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-16 Perform it again,click OK CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-17 Insert the key into the MB Key Programmer,then click [OK] to continue If it prompt yo with same operation instruction,just follow it. CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-18 Insert the car key into the EIS 10s and dial out CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-19 Please insert the key into the EIS again and click OK CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-20 Pull out the key for 5 seconds,then insert the EIS,then click OK CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-21 Please insert the key into the CGDI MB Benz device again and click [OK] CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-22 Please pull the key out and then insert intot he EIS!The following operation may be repeated several times. CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-23 Please pull out the key CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-24 Please insert the key into the EIS again and click OK …. CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-25 Now save the generated files CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-26 Save the file successfully,please upload the data to calculate PASSWORD CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-27 Click [Upload Data],then upload the file you saved just now CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-28 Upload data successfully,please click the [Query Result] button to query. CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-29 Click [Query Result],it will take you several minute to query result CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-30 Computing success!Click [OK] to continue CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-31 Here we get password,click [Copy] button,then select [EIS] menu CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-32 CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-33 Click [Paste] button to paste password,then click [Save EIS Data] Step 2:Generate Key File CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-34 CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-35 After saving EIS data successfully,select [Generate EE] menu Select key file format “V051”,then click [Load EIS File] you saved just now CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-36 Click [Generate Key File] CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-37 Now,save the key file generated Step 3:Program New Key CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-38 Insert the new key into CGDI MB device Select [Read/Write Key] menu,then click [Read Key/Chip] button CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-39 Click [Open/Write] And it prompt you to choose key type format:41 format and 51 format,click [OK] to continue CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-40 Select a key file to write CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-41 Write success!Click [OK] to continue CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-42 Test new key on vehicle,it can light instrument and start the engine! Done!

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019
Here is the mbstartool.com engineer solution to Mb Star C3 V2018.9 up DAS Xentry multiplexer initialization failed problem. Error message: Initialization of diagnosis multiplexer failed. mb-star-c3-multiplexer-failed Possible causes: The link between

Here is the obd2tool.com engineer solution to Mb Star C3 V2018.9 up DAS Xentry multiplexer initialization failed problem.

Error message:

Initialization of diagnosis multiplexer failed.


Possible causes:

The link between the diagnosis multiplexer and the diagnostic socket is interrupted.

The link between the diagnostic multiplexer and the diagnostic unit is interrupted.

The voltage supply at the diagnostic socket (circuit 30 and (or) circuit 31) is faulty.


When using SDconnect,check the connection status using the Toolkit.


1. First check if you use the correct software for Star C3 not sd connect c4, you do not modify software by yourself and it passes self-test.

If all these are okay, replace the Config file in c:\program\mecredes-benz\config

Config file

2.If still not work, check device and vehicle communication

3. Otherwise send your MB Star C3 and software back to repair.

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Sunday, May 19, 2019
KTM Bench pcmflash 1.99 read SID208 ECU data Confirmed working

Confirmed: Peugeot Boxer 2014 SID208 ECU data reading with KTM Bench pcmflash 1.99.

Image of KTM Bench connected to the ECU and the computer.


KTM Bench pcmflash 1.99  software and driver free download:


including wiring diagram.

No password

100% safe to use

No tokens limitation

How to install pcmflash1.99 for running with KTM bench? How to use PCMflash 1.99 to read write ECU data?

Using tips:

1). The computer can’t be connected to the internet;

2). KTM Bench can’t be updated;

otherwise the machine may be locked and will be charged for repair.

The advantage of dismantling ECU and not dismantling ECU:

1). Easy to operate and save time up to 5-10 minutes. Otherwise it may take more than 20minutes to dismantle the ECU and even more than 1 hour, also the box may be damaged during dismantling.

2) Dismantling the ECU may damage the original ECU sealing condition.

3) After dismantling the ECU, the boot must be connected.

4) After reading out the data, it needs to reseal ecu.

How to use KTM Bench to read SID208 ECU?

pcmflash 1.99 read the ECU data according to the ECU type as well as the CPU chip type. The wiring diagram is also based on the ECU type and CPU chip type.

pcmflash 1.99 can read the data for all the [71] ECU types via boot cable instead of removing the ECU, but it requires to connect GPT0 and GPT1 cable.

For example, if the ECU box removed from the car is edc17 c54, then the CPU is tc1797, just follow our supplied wiring diagram to connect the ECU instead of removing the ECU, good to know: GPT0 and GPT1 cables must be connected, then choose 1797 cpu option.


ktm-bench-pcmflash-1.99-read-sid208-ecu-data-2 ktm-bench-pcmflash-1.99-read-sid208-ecu-data-3 ktm-bench-pcmflash-1.99-read-sid208-ecu-data-4

KTM Bench pcmflash 1.99 reads the ECU data by dismantling the ecu and connect the boot, which is as the same as KTMflash 1.95. It requires to read the password first, then choose “read the data”.


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Sunday, May 12, 2019
Toyota Prius 2005 KM reading & writing digiprog problem

Toyota Prius 2005 KM reading & writing, Digiprog 3 has problem, orange 5,CarprogDigimaster 3 are all ok, go on reading for instruction. Car model and year: Toyota prius 2005y dash Purpose: Read and write KM Tool to test: 1. digiprog 3: Failed Using soldering points as it is showing in manual. After reading I got wrong mileage 1114095km…original mileage is 275 000km. but after writing that km which you need, dash shows everything ok in car. toyota-prius-2005-km-read-write-1 toyota-prius-2005-km-read-write-2 2.orange 5 programmer + nyo : success I read it with orange 5 programmer without any problems. Calculated with nyo, as landruiser 93c66. Attached 100% working pinout reading in circuit, maybe someone would be useful this post in the future toyota-prius-2005-km-read-write-3 toyota-prius-2005-km-read-write-4 3.Carprog full firmware V8.21 : success Carprog is ok for tis dash–prius 93c66 Change KM Toyota Prius 2006 93C66 for example: Remove unit from car. Open it and find internal 93C66 EEPROM memory inside. Use the Carprog A4, A5 or A6(due to situation) EEPROM adapter and change mileage. In most cases need to remove EEPROM from the board. Open carprog full software Select Dashboard->Toyota->Prius->Prius Yazakj 93C66 v0.4 toyota-prius-2005-km-read-write-5 toyota-prius-2005-km-read-write-7 toyota-prius-2005-km-read-write-8 Manually enter mileage you desired toyota-prius-2005-km-read-write-9 Press Write KM Write KM success. 4.Yanhua digimaster 3 : success I recommend Yanhua digimaster 3, it works for Prius 93c66. Method: it needs to dismantle the dashboard and read the data. toyota-prius-2005-km-read-write-11

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