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Thursday, June 06, 2019
CGDI MB Program New Keys for Old Benz W202 W208 W210 by OBD 1997-1998

In this CGDI MB Prog programmer instruction, OBD2TOOL will show you how to use CGDI MB programmer to add new keys for old Mercedes Benz W202 W208 W210 kline 38 pin car from 1997-1998. Procedures: Step 1:Calculate Password Connect CGDI MB Programmer to vehicle and your laptop,then run CGDI MB software. CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-1 Select [EIS] menu,then click [Read EIS Data] CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-2 Go to [Compute Password] menu,then [Copy key with key][–>Collect Data] CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-3 Select key type:Other keys,click [OK] to continue CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-4 CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-5 Please insert the key into EIS and click [OK] to continue CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-6 This is a -Kline EIS,the operation is different from the ordinary EIS,please follow the prompts to operate,to prevent the code! CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-7 Please insert the key into the CGDI MB device and click [OK] to continue CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-8 Wait until it prompt you to insert the key into EIS and click [OK] CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-9 It will ask you to wait several seconds CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-10 Then prompt you to make sure the key to the ON position and light the instrument?If you can’t,please pull out the key and try again,until you can normally twist and light the instrument and then click [OK] CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-11CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-12 Please insert the key into the CGDI MB device and click OK CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-13 CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-14 Now you need to insert the key into ESI again,then click [OK] CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-15 CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-16 Perform it again,click OK CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-17 Insert the key into the MB Key Programmer,then click [OK] to continue If it prompt yo with same operation instruction,just follow it. CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-18 Insert the car key into the EIS 10s and dial out CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-19 Please insert the key into the EIS again and click OK CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-20 Pull out the key for 5 seconds,then insert the EIS,then click OK CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-21 Please insert the key into the CGDI MB Benz device again and click [OK] CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-22 Please pull the key out and then insert intot he EIS!The following operation may be repeated several times. CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-23 Please pull out the key CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-24 Please insert the key into the EIS again and click OK …. CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-25 Now save the generated files CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-26 Save the file successfully,please upload the data to calculate PASSWORD CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-27 Click [Upload Data],then upload the file you saved just now CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-28 Upload data successfully,please click the [Query Result] button to query. CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-29 Click [Query Result],it will take you several minute to query result CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-30 Computing success!Click [OK] to continue CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-31 Here we get password,click [Copy] button,then select [EIS] menu CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-32 CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-33 Click [Paste] button to paste password,then click [Save EIS Data] Step 2:Generate Key File CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-34 CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-35 After saving EIS data successfully,select [Generate EE] menu Select key file format “V051”,then click [Load EIS File] you saved just now CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-36 Click [Generate Key File] CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-37 Now,save the key file generated Step 3:Program New Key CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-38 Insert the new key into CGDI MB device Select [Read/Write Key] menu,then click [Read Key/Chip] button CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-39 Click [Open/Write] And it prompt you to choose key type format:41 format and 51 format,click [OK] to continue CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-40 Select a key file to write CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-41 Write success!Click [OK] to continue CGDI-MB-Program-New-Keys-for-Old-Benz-W202-W208-W210-42 Test new key on vehicle,it can light instrument and start the engine! Done!

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